--[ Threat Modeling Internet Censorship: Towards Evaluation of Managed Attribution Software

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├─── name: Alexander Master
├──── org: Purdue University
└─ social:
   └─ github: smolbytes

Alex Master is currently a Security Researcher and PhD Candidate at Purdue University. He has been an Army Cyber Officer for 7+ years. Alex is a former CNMF member, involved in both offensive and defensive cyberspace operations. His current research involves evaluating anti-censorship software and Internet privacy from an interdisciplinary perspective.


Nation-states impose various levels of censorship on their Internet communications. Given concerns of Internet censorship and surveillance, software developers have created tools designed to circumvent censorship in places where it exists – enabling free communication and open access to information. This presentation will showcase ongoing research directed at characterizing threats to Internet communications, modeling censor activity based on Internet measurement data and academic literature. This research aims to inform and enable future evaluation studies on effectiveness of currently available anti-censorship technologies.