--[ Large Scale Sentiment Modification Campaign Creation with Open Source Technology

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├─── name: Mike Reid
├──── org: Xorre
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   └─ linkedin: in/miker-pmp/

Mike is a PMP certified project manager based in Virginia Beach with a decade of experience in Cloud security and infrastructure. He is a public speaker and trainer who has participated in over 30 national tech events and is an organizer for WordCamp Virginia Beach 2023. Mike is an open source software evangelist and enthusiastic part of the WordPress project. He's currently focused on secure communication and offensive security, with a focus on applying AI and ML procedurally.


This session will focus on large scale sentiment modification campaigns, and how we can use AI and ML to create operations significantly more complex that those currently used. These campaigns are designed to withstand intense scrutiny and last years.

We will look at one example campaign in detail based on a state sponsored malware group, and examine how the techniques could be utilized in practice.

The presentation will be geared towards a general audience and will focus on high level concepts and outcomes. The specific technologies presented will all be open source.