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This registration is for the main AvengerCon event held on December 1st. Workshops will be held on November 30th. Workshop registration is separate from the conference registration and is located here. All workshop attendees should first register for the main AvengerCon event.

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If you have a .gov or .mil email address, please use it to register. All registrants with .gov or .mil email addresses will be allowed to attend AvengerCon, once the email address is verified.

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If you do not have a .gov or .mil email address, but would like to attend AvengerCon because you support the U.S. Cyber Command mission, you can still register. However, please use the Justification box below to describe your role, organization, and if applicable, a government contact who can verify your support.

Our team will review all requests and if our event capacity permits, we will follow-up with you once your registration has been reviewed and justified. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE ATTENDANCE TO NON-GOVERNMENT EMPLOYED INDIVIDUALS, but we will try to accommodate as we can.

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